Self-Funded Reinvestment

Our Engine of Operational Transformation

Our trademarked Self-Funded Reinvestment (SFR) approach is a proven process we not only designed, but also know how, where and when to execute on. It's a strategic loop we work around, that touches and transforms the core functions of each portfolio business we buy and macro-manage.

The right side of the SFR process right-sizes the company's whole cost structure, reducing costs and raising efficiency and productivity. The left side reinvests a significant portion of the resulting cost-savings into substantial new and organic growth initiatives, from tapping new markets to attracting new customers. All to create continuously higher enterprise value and gain competitive advantage.

Because we understand today's industrial B2B markets inside-out, we also know what makes each portfolio company tick, from the boardroom floor to the factory floor. And how to guide and grow them more effectively, profitably and risk-aversely. Which few private equity firms in this space have the true, first-hand insight or ability to do. And because SFR streamlines and supercharges operations, it's essential to our overall success. From creating and sustaining long-term value for each GenNx360 business, to getting an excellent price when we exit, to providing exceptional returns for our investors.

Creating true enterprise value and competitive advantage through GenNx360ís Self-Funded Reinvestment (SFR) process.